Cutline or PressRow?

A friend of mine suggested me to also post my notes on facebook on a blog site so that my random thoughts would appear when someone is happening to google it, then not only my friends can read it, but also some other people who are interested in the same topics. I have been thinking of having my own blog since some times, but the fickle side of me couldn’t make a decision which free blog site to harbor my notes. I had my multiply account.  So then I got bored and stopped posting from the very first blog. Then I use facebook until my last note before an idea hit me this afternoon. My intuition lead me to wordpress. For what reason? I have no idea. It seems the creativity itself that nudged me (if not pushed me) to choose this blog site, but alas … my problem didn’t stop there.

This one?

The next trouble was I couldn’t (and still can’t) decide which theme I want to use. I once tried PressRow because I like the header pic (they have these ancient books which are representing the idea of  “Diary of  Miracles” as if they’re hidden in those books), but then I thought Cutline has much better (and clearer) bodyso it’s easier to read.  Since I still can’t make the decision,  I have to use two windows displaying both themes right now so that I can take a look back and forth and once again I admit I hate to choose between two since very long time.

Or this one?

I'd be in trouble if I had to choose between this sexy Aussie with the blond hunkie Paul Walker

And so I’m thinking this would be the same trouble if I had to choose between Sam Worthtington and Paul Walker when they both liked me. Of course I can’t break one of their hearts, can I? But the good thing is they don’t, so I’m left only to decide which theme that I really want to use.

Right now I’m using Cutline and changed the header pic with a pic I found in flickr–a panoramic picture of Kurobe Sluice (the photographer himself is not really sure) in Japan. But I can’t assure you that I won’t change the header pic or back to PressRow some times soon when the mood hit me, but rest assured that choosing between two will always put you in such a hell if you’re really such a fickle creature like me.

Update: I finally choose Cutline after playing with the theme and make the most of it. You might find Cutline tutorial interesting. Visit for more info.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Avatar
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 08:22:09

    I’d say PressRow. Wait, Cutline perhaps?
    Sorry can’t be more helpful


  2. Lala
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 07:06:53

    both are clean and nice. I think your choice (along with some modification you made) looks great and professional. And I like the black and white better.


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