The Recipe of Nigel’s Favorite Milk

Nigel has always loved milk since he was a babycat


I stumbled on a recipe when I was trying to rescue a new-born kitten that was abandoned in front of my house. The kitten was 3 days old and I couldn’t find the queen. Couldn’t stand listening to her cries, I took her to my house  after I googled and found some recipes of kitten glop.   

It usually takes around 5-10 minute and it would drive him crazy waiting for it   

Sadly, the kitten didn’t make it. She died on the afternoon after I rescued her. I should have tried to give her Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR), but I thought some ingredients readily available at the kitchen might have helped before I found it.   

Fortunately, my Nigel loves the recipe that I personally tweaked based on the ingredients I had. He has loved milk since he was a kitten and didn’t want to be weaned so that Baby had to push him away. Luckily, Baby had lots of breast milk for him and Nigel enjoyed it until he was almost one year.   

So here’s the recipe I invented to make my Nigel’s tail wagging in anticipation for his most favorite beverage.   

one can of evaporated milk (not condensed sweetened milk)
Two tablespoon of plain yogurt (not diet)
Two tablespoon of mayonnaise (real)
Two egg yolks (raw)   

Mix egg yolks with yogurt and mayonnaise and beat well. Add milk and mix it with mixer on the slowest speed. Pour it into a bowl with cover and set in refrigerator. It can last for one week depends on your cat’s appetite.   

Always warm the milk to room temperature before feeding. I usually just pour some milk on Nigel’s bowl and put it on the kitchen table until it’s back to room temperature. It usually takes around 5-10 minute and it would drive him crazy waiting for it. One portion for Nigel is three tablespoons of milk and I feed him three times a day.    

I use F&N Evaporated Filled Milk, Maestro mayonnaise and plain yogurt I find in my fridge. The mixture of milk and yogurt is very rich in calcium so it’s good for sick cats and show cats to put on weight, except Nigel who has been lean because he’s quite an active cat.

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