Hi, I’m A New Blogger

I’ve been having a honey moon lately with my blog where my creativity flows easily and more freely. I’ve never enjoyed any experience such as blogging before. I mean, if compare to other publications, blogging is very fluid where you can change your mind in a matter of a click of the mouse. And I thought writing some good contents would be just enough, but it turned out not really. More

Bombs from Brunei Never Tasted So Damn Good

I was trying to get by between bombs from AMSs. It always happens that way, usually when the day of mission is coming closer. They love the last minutes assaults after attacking us sporadically couple weeks or months before. Sometimes they even go AWOL until we have to give them a call asking them to bombard us in a more decent rate, leaving us headache in a more tolerable level.


What Do You Believe?

G’KAR: You’re not a follower of G’Quan, are you, Na’Toth?
NA’TOTH: My father was a disciple of G’lan. My mother didn’t believe in
much of anything.
G’KAR: What do you believe in?
NA’TOTH: Myself, Ambassador.

* From Babylon 5 Season 1 Episode 12

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Make A Bigger Dream

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”
Lawrence of Arabia (1888-1935)


Open Birthday Wishes to Sam Willoughby

There are always some ways to spend a clear skied afternoon since sometimes we have cool and refreshing wind in the heat of dry season. For once, you can sit in the porch drinking lemonade and watching people go by. Or if you’re in a good mood, you can sit on the roof to write or read a book while the wind caressing you (when the sun is not too bright anymore of course!) Or you can do what other people like to do such as go swimming or playing with a kite. Since I’m not that good at playing with a kite and I don’t want to make my skin even tanner so I choose another way. More

A Fight In An Angkot

There was a time when I was in a middle of an intensive daydream (I mean reflecting); suddenly an annoying sound of my cellie disturbed me. It was an sms from a friend which sounded like this: “*chuckling* I’m in an angkot (a small shuttle bus operated in Jakarta) and there’s a couple in front of me and the boy is sulking while his girlfriend trying to make it up to him. In an angkot? Haha…funny!” More

FUUI (Flying Under Udon’s Influence)

Tokyo Narita Airport, Terminal 1, South Wing, 3rd Floor, Chiba, Japan

One of challenges when you’re travelling for a business trip is that you should be seen smilingly fresh and ready to rock and roll by the time the plane touches the runway. That’s why most companies will put you on business class where you can get some special treatments like spacious legs room and more comfortable chairs. But that’s not what happen here in the organization I’m with. You still have to fly in economy class, cramped with many people where even for someone who’s petite like me, you can’t move your legs freely.

An Open Letter to My Friends and Readers

Dear friends and readers,
It was started seven months ago and I didn’t realize it could roll out like this. Before that, I thought I was out of the writing game. At least I can be as normal as most people who won’t be bothered by irritating random thoughts that whining to be written in the middle of night. But they love to take you by surprise, attacking you when you are off-guard. They started to come back again seven months ago and I said, I’m sorry. I’m retired. They say, okay. We’ll come back another day. Perhaps you would change your mind then.


How to Embed ClustrMaps to Your Blog

Okay, I’m new in blog world. I don’t know anything about html or some “sophisticated” words in web design, but I want to make my blog stand out from others. And I found little box called ClustrMaps is cool. Why? Because you can track where your readers come from and you can see what you wrote already spread out. Beside that, the custom-made widget(s) on your blog, along with the different fonts, add up some sense of personality. So, after I read some blogs, I decided to add ClustrMaps, but the only question is how? More