An Open Letter to My Friends and Readers

Dear friends and readers,
It was started seven months ago and I didn’t realize it could roll out like this. Before that, I thought I was out of the writing game. At least I can be as normal as most people who won’t be bothered by irritating random thoughts that whining to be written in the middle of night. But they love to take you by surprise, attacking you when you are off-guard. They started to come back again seven months ago and I said, I’m sorry. I’m retired. They say, okay. We’ll come back another day. Perhaps you would change your mind then.

…when you put writing back into the ultimate purpose–writing for writing itself, it has been really fun

At that time I successfully ignored them, thinking they were just teasing me. But they were just too stubborn and seven months ago, I faced the battle I just couldn’t win and it turns out when you put writing back into the ultimate purpose–writing for writing itself, it has been really fun.

I must say, I have been having a good time here writing in facebook, but at one point everything must come to an end. This would be my last note in facebook.

Last month, when I had to stay back at home, my intuition guided me to another place where I think I can be more free to express my thoughts and creativity. Since then, I have been addicted to write again. Those inspirations come to me in the most natural way. Everything that feels natural means only one thing: this is what you were born to do.

Couple nights ago, I was dreaming (literally, really. Dreaming when your eyes are closed) I was writing on my new blog and I have three categories there: Mind, Heart and Soul. After I woke up, I knew my subconscious was trying to twist it from ” Body, Mind and Soul”. Maybe these are the categories for me to share with my new audience now, enriched by the experiences shared by all of you from hang-out conversations over lunch or dinner.

Through the kindness of some developers and tutorial from experienced bloggers, I can see where my readers are from. Amazingly, they come from various places I have never been there yet and this is exactly where time and place don’t matter anymore.

I have a weird habit when I’m on a night flight. I find the sound of jet machine is comforting and while all people are asleep, I like looking out to the window (although it’s dark and you can’t see anything) and talking to myself and I feel somebody out there is listening. I feel the same way too when I see those tiny beautiful red dots that indicate where my readers from. One might think I have been talking to them, but actually there’s no “I” and “they”. “I” have been a part of “them” all the time and if everything is one, when I think that I’ve been talking to myself, actually I’ve been talking to them as well and vice versa.

So dear friends, thank you. It has been nice to share my thoughts with you and I thank you for your kindness reading my notes.

Love always,


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on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 3.05 pm

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