Bombs from Brunei Never Tasted So Damn Good

I was trying to get by between bombs from AMSs. It always happens that way, usually when the day of mission is coming closer. They love the last minutes assaults after attacking us sporadically couple weeks or months before. Sometimes they even go AWOL until we have to give them a call asking them to bombard us in a more decent rate, leaving us headache in a more tolerable level.

…so that they decided to fax us 35 pieces of paper. This is what so-called Bruneian bomb

One of AMSs was without a word for couple of weeks and it made us suspicious. Did the e-mail reach them? If yes, where is the follow-up? They should have attacked us since couple of weeks ago. Why they seem to be undisturbed?

After a painful investigation, it turned out that they’re not sending anyone for us to take care. I was not surprised, but at least a courtesy call would be very much appreciated. But what can I say? Attack or not attack has always been a mystery in this mysterious place. However, this is good to develop the sense of detective in you, just in case you have to search for a missing response from someone.

Another AMS also suspiciously disappeared and only sent two officers out of 20. So that one team of investigator must have been sent to find out the reason why. To our surprise, they thought they had to pay for the expenses that actually is being borne by the organizer.

I’m sure the festivity in their organization is increased to find 18 more officers by this week. No apology for not reading the invitation letter carefully, they sent us the name two by two and making our travel agent twisting her brain to get the tickets while the clock is ticking and they still have to find 16 more people. I think the bombs would be launched tomorrow by the deadline.

We also have an eager AMS. Probably don’t have a big event since they can remember, they are very happy to greet us. Not only that, they are also very enthusiastic to provide us with services, which is very appreciated by us. But the thing is they haven’t sent the name until today, six days before the big day. The word is the server in their office is often down, so that they decided to fax us 35 pieces of paper. This is what so-called Bruneian bomb.

And there it was, stuffed underneath the files and frantic search of eight missing faxes, one sweet question is received, invoking a natural response which can be described in an emoticon like this .

If only this kind of bomb is being dropped much often. Even so, these bombs from Brunei weren’t felt that bad either. Perhaps was it because of that special bomb? Or was it just my luck? The detective side of me would like to find out.

* A tale of a survivor of AMSs bombing blast who had to catch her breath when receiving unexpected sweet disposition from a beautiful stranger

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