Hi, I’m A New Blogger

I’ve been having a honey moon lately with my blog where my creativity flows easily and more freely. I’ve never enjoyed any experience such as blogging before. I mean, if compare to other publications, blogging is very fluid where you can change your mind in a matter of a click of the mouse. And I thought writing some good contents would be just enough, but it turned out not really.

I was just a new innocent blogger who thought some good writings would do the magic

The number of my visitors was pretty good for a beginner and they came without some tricks to lure them to come, but then I was thinking on how inviting more traffic to my site.

The thing is I have a personal enjoyment when I see some new red dots on my clustrmaps. I use this to manipulate myself to keep writing and thinking that some people might be disappointed if I don’t write anymore (which is not so very true of course ).

There is always the first time for anyone. And so I started my journey to read more about SEO and how to put my blog on search engine index, wandering to some people blogs to learn what a good layout is and then I stumbled upon wordpress’ forum on how to add some bookmarks on your blog. Before I read this thread, I didn’t even know what the hell they are. I was just a new innocent blogger who thought some good writings would do the magic.

Actually I have posted 20 blogs when I found that thread. Following their instructions, I had to add the bookmarks on every single blog I have made which was time consuming. And I have to bear in my mind that this open public space. So whatever I write can be seen by the public for better or for worse.

And so I’m a new blogger. I get excited so easily whenever I see the hits increasing everyday. I want to jump around and then start to write again. I don’t mind everybody read that, not even my employer since this is the PR side of me. I don’t bad-mouth anybody and I never will. But after adding some bookmarks on my 20 blogs and it took like the whole day, I started to think that having a blog is almost the same like having a cat. You have to give it some times to look after it. You have to take care of it or else it would die and I would start to torture myself by thinking that those tiny red dots on clustrmaps could turn into rain of tears.

Okay, I’m a little bit exaggerating. But the thing is I’m starting to get addicted to it. I can’t stop writing and if the hits is increasing that would be a bonus. After all people will keep on reading if the content is interesting to them. And the number would be even bigger if your blog can be found easily. So why not combining both?

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