Why Can’t A Cat Laugh?

My human is weird. She loves asking unimportant question such as, “What is your tail for?” when I’m enjoying a cat nap this afternoon. Can’t get a satisfactory answer, she will probe and play with my black kinky tail to irk me. And of course I will wake up and bite her. Teasingly.

“What a cat without having any human who wants to take care of her?”

That’s right. I’m a cat. A male cat with a human friend and her family who love me. I heard some cats say, “What a cat without having any human who wants to take care of her?” If that is really so, then I’m a helluva lucky cat because not only love they give me, but also a home for a 1,5 month abandoned cat with some worms in his tummy. That was six years ago.

I don’t know any other family, I never live with them and I hope I never will, but this family is strange, at least to my cat’s eye. They are loud and sometimes have some quarrels. But I’m a cat. I know my place. I will just lay there, close my eyes meditatively, and enjoying their banter.

My human is the weirdest. She loves to dance around in front of me and asks, “Timo, can you dance like this?” and she will make her silly moves just to ignite my yawn. She then swirls once more and laughs.

Curious by my response, she then asks (and this is not the first time, I assure you), “Why can’t a cat laugh?” Consumed by her new question, she forgets to keep dancing and sit with me on the floor.

…I will just lay there, close my eyes meditatively, and enjoying their banter

What can I say? I’m just a cat. And a cat just can’t laugh at least just the way humans do. Laughter is something that is very human. As far as I know, only human who can laugh like that. All I can do when I’m happy is just batting my kinky tail with the floor.

Oh, my tail. My human has a story about it. She said, one thing she noticed about me when she found me is my black kinky tail. She remembered what her mother said: A kinky-tailed cat is a well-behaved cat unlike a long-tailed cat. She picked me just because I have this kinky tail and because she believed in what her mother said!

Back to laughing matter. I’m curious why human have to laugh when they are happy and it seems laughter can be contagious too. To my cat’s eye, I think human laughter is the most genuine gesture I find, especially when they are in playful mood (I haven’t seen a human who can fake a laughter. But who’s to say? I’m just a cat) and I rarely see a human laughs alone. Maybe it’s just their way to convey their happiness to another living being? My cat’s brain has no idea.

And as a cat with a black kinky tail, I love to see my human laugh because I know that she is happy to be with me and I certainly will grin, wag my tail, jump around and meowing merrily. Now who says that a cat can’t laugh?

*Translated from the language of meow miaw mau for the ease of human readers

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