A Tale of A Business Traveler

Call it a dream job, call it fancy, but traveling for living is not always something luxurious at all. Maybe we stay in some five stars hotels, dress in black and suit, but for me personally there’s no place like home.

The first one-two nights can be a hell for me. Not because the room is not fantastic enough. I just find it hard to sleep in a strange place. The feel, the smell, the orientation just don’t feel right. I have to toss and turn to make myself comfortable or get exhausted so that I can fall asleep. The worst thing is lack of sleep resulting bad concentration. The first one-two day is the adjusting day for me. First of all, the food. Home-made cooking is always the best because it sensually reminds me of the warmth of my mother kitchen. But when you’re on the trip, you just have to swallow anything that within your reach without asking too many questions.

The second is the interrupted routine. Call me stubborn, but repetition is my dogma. You find comfort in that. Starting waking up in a familiar room, in a familiar bed, go to a familiar bathroom, in the right place where you always go.

After spent five days in Phnom Penh, I’m counting the hour to go back home which strangely feel familiar to me. However, I always need to get away from it to feel the urge to come back again and missing it at the same time. I remember someone ever told me, for some lucky people, having someone waiting for them at home, that’s what giving them the sense of direction, no matter how far they’re gone. Sitting here on my desk finishing my reading, I’m thinking of those who’s waiting for me at home. This trip has been fascinating. The hotel staff is more than helpful and the chef is so “religiously sensitive”. But the days of experiencing something different has gone dry. Even a traveler needs a place she calls home. And as well as she’s missing her home, it also has been calling her so sweetly to come back to its welcoming arms.

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  1. teddy
    May 21, 2010 @ 22:59:37

    Timo is waiting for you at home.


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