She’s A Beautiful Girl

Recently a friend of mine posted an article about “10 Reason on Guys Aren’t Approaching you” on her Facebook wall–an article that can be discussed hotly in Human Relations class that can only be found in Love Politics Department. Something debatable because it can be seen in myriad point of view.

“Men can madly fall in love just like us. So why it can be so confusing?”

Some friends of mine are vigorously reading Love Politics text books and appointed me as the first dean of the Department. I only said, why it’s so mysterious to understand the opposite sex? Somehow men are also a human being just like one of us. They can be afraid to get hurt. They can be interested or disinterested. They can feel sad or happy. They can madly fall in love just like us. So why it can be so confusing?

If only you can dissect the opposite sex’s mind and put it under the microscope, you can analyse how they’re working. But sadly, it doesn’t happen that way. And I still have to spare some of my time during my lunch time break to listen to the agony of some confused souls.

I’m not saying I know everything about men and women relationship. All I learned in university is about international relations–that could be among nation-states, among trans-national actors, or maybe… just maybe among people.

“My criminal mind can make a lot of plots that can only be read in the greatest romance ever”

I didn’t remember when it happened. But I was there watching TV (this is extraordinary to me since I always claim that I don’t have TV just because I simply don’t like watching it) and I was kinda struck in amazement. And there she was standing there unaware, guiding some tourists under the sun. I saw her enjoying her time explaining the historic place and in an instant– if I know that this is what people call love–I fell in love. If only I was born as a man, I would gladly take the whole risks on earth just to come to her and simply ask her to have some coffee after her work is done. My criminal mind can make a lot of plots that can only be read in the greatest romance ever.

So what makes this girl attractive? What makes me want to change my gender so that I can date her? (Actually I don’t have to, but I suppose she’s hetero) The answer is her femininity. She is surrounded by lots (I mean LOTS) of people who see her in adoration, I don’t see if she’s wearing a ring, but I’m dying to take a chance to find out if she’s married or seeing someone. Being in an unknown situation makes me anticipating the outcome. Rejection? What the heck is that? What I’m thinking is how I’d miss an opportunity to get to know her if I didn’t give it a try.

“If he’s not the same class, I don’t have to lower myself to meet his standards”

The femininity is something that all girls were born with, but sometimes they just don’t realize the big power they already have to lure the guy that they surely deserve to be with.  I’m saying “they surely deserve” because sometimes guys are as clueless as the girls that they don’t know the power they also have in hand and I personally use my femininity to test if he’s man enough for me because only the true lady deserves a true gentleman. And if he’s not why bother? The lady in me just smiles and walks away gracefully. If he’s not the same class, I don’t have to lower myself to meet his standards.

And when I saw that girl in the commercial on the TV, I knew her feminine quality is something that I also own and that what would drive the man of my dream like a moth to the flame. His masculinity in taking an action and “risking his life” to find out about me in turn would ignite my receptivity to open up to him. And what happen next surely can be predictably found in some greatest romances ever.

*written while listening KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” over and over again.

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