KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Forgive my language, but Harry, my former boss loves to repeat this golden rule when he’s teaching his students and I had to be there translating everything into my native tongue (believe me, this rule was meant to be taken lightheartedly). Actually, I’ve been spending my time lately as an observer and this words keep ringing in my ears as if translating for Harry is just yesterday.

I have never felt so simple in my life until some people telling me how complicated their lives are.

Being as someone with this kind of talent, I have known (myself) that people tend to approach me and telling me their personal life even without me asking for it.  I was there sitting on one corner of Arab Street in Singapore, sipping tea and having Swedish meatballs, wondering how one’s life could be so complicated for such a young age. Suddenly I felt so old.

But sometimes I just love looking for trouble, turning on “talk to me” neon sign above my head. Or maybe I wasn’t when I put myself there on the market. I just sensed that I could be more help for some restless souls and end up thinking, “You know, the answer has always been so simple.”

A friend of mine said, the complexity keeps the world exciting. “That’s the spice of life. Without it life can be so boring.” And I think I can’t find anything so complicated, not to mention “spicy” in my life. Just some day-to-day hassles with some “unique” people we work with and the experiences turn out to be something that we can laugh at together with my co-workers after the moments have passed through.

Lately, I pay more attention and get connected with my furry friends. Life has always been so simple to them. Maybe that’s why I love spending time talking and connecting with them, sharing random snippets as I’m enjoying the wind in some hot days. That is just the way they teach me to KISS just like Harry told his students three years ago.

This morning, Timo was following me around, asking me to take a catnap with him. “This is a lovely day to enjoy. Stop working too much, you human. You lack of furry catnap,” he said.

“I wish my life can be more simple like yours, Timo.”

But for most human, they can be offended if they are suggested to live a life like my furry friends, thinking that somehow we are more “civilized”. But I would  say I find my teachers everywhere, including those four-legged cute faces.

Probably people tell their stories to add the richness of my simple life. Somehow they teach me to appreciate more the beauty of simplicity. The hermit in me helps me to see things in a detach way while at the same time I can feel their feelings which is very good to keep me grounded. Universe has always been so kind to me.

So, I was there sitting in the waiting lounge for my flight back to Jakarta from Bangkok when a young attractive lady were crying while talking about how heartless her boyfriend treated her during their last vacation in Kho Phi Phi. I had to delay my reading enjoyment listening to her and giving her some comfort. I repeated my advice for her as she repeated her woes. Life is indeed never simple.

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