How Much Should You Tell?

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It’s hard to keep a bad news and it’s even harder to keep a good news. When your eyes are glittering, you can’t stop smiling to yourself and you start to hallucinate that everything was meant to be. I wish I could tell you what’s going on without risking myself to be seen like crazy.


Anxiety Attack!

I don’t remember when it was, perhaps around ten years ago or so and it was started as a sketch, words sketch to be precise. But it turned out to be clearer and clearer along the way. Suddenly I wrote hundred something pages of a novel and I fell in love with a character that now I think it’s the male version of me. More


I have a pretty sick habit of taking apart and analyzing some weirdos for my own pleasure. The thing is I have a profound need to communicate whatever I take account of. And poor is the people who happen to rub up against me in constant basis for they might have to cover their ears and scream for their lives so that I will stop and shut my mouth up.


Me is My Biggest Enemy

One thing I love being a woman is I can “use” my girlfriends as my therapist, observer, commentator and supporter alike. Some of them know me very well that they remember my story from the episode one, so when I get back to them, it’s more like updating each other and adding to the number of episode we share.


Jump off Into Hot Water

I guess I have found a good answer to an endless annoying question that’s always being asked innocently with no intent to harm at all. I was there sitting in front of my colleague, Sean while he asked me teasingly, “So, May. When are you gonna get married?” I was there busy eating dim sums and this was a treat from the hotel during my last visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And I think having a good food for free is more important than answering his question. Not to mention to think about the answer. But I didn’t know that my tongue could be lethal too when I blurted out, “I’m not that talented.”


KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Forgive my language, but Harry, my former boss loves to repeat this golden rule when he’s teaching his students and I had to be there translating everything into my native tongue (believe me, this rule was meant to be taken lightheartedly). Actually, I’ve been spending my time lately as an observer and this words keep ringing in my ears as if translating for Harry is just yesterday.


She’s A Beautiful Girl

Recently a friend of mine posted an article about “10 Reason on Guys Aren’t Approaching you” on her Facebook wall–an article that can be discussed hotly in Human Relations class that can only be found in Love Politics Department. Something debatable because it can be seen in myriad point of view. More

A Tale of A Business Traveler

Call it a dream job, call it fancy, but traveling for living is not always something luxurious at all. Maybe we stay in some five stars hotels, dress in black and suit, but for me personally there’s no place like home. More

Why Can’t A Cat Laugh?

My human is weird. She loves asking unimportant question such as, “What is your tail for?” when I’m enjoying a cat nap this afternoon. Can’t get a satisfactory answer, she will probe and play with my black kinky tail to irk me. And of course I will wake up and bite her. Teasingly. More

My Fickle Friend, The Summer Wind

Who can change his mind anytime he wants beside the summer wind? At one time he decided to go to the west, another second he thought the east was much better. If I want to have something to count on, I certainly won’t take the wind, especially the summer wind. And I can’t count on any word that I said if my heart is somewhere else. I’m sorry, I just can’t help but feel. More

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