KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Forgive my language, but Harry, my former boss loves to repeat this golden rule when he’s teaching his students and I had to be there translating everything into my native tongue (believe me, this rule was meant to be taken lightheartedly). Actually, I’ve been spending my time lately as an observer and this words keep ringing in my ears as if translating for Harry is just yesterday.


A Tribute to Timo – My Alarm Clock with Fur

Sandpaper kisses from him start my day


Why Can’t A Cat Laugh?

My human is weird. She loves asking unimportant question such as, “What is your tail for?” when I’m enjoying a cat nap this afternoon. Can’t get a satisfactory answer, she will probe and play with my black kinky tail to irk me. And of course I will wake up and bite her. Teasingly. More

Open Birthday Wishes to Sam Willoughby

There are always some ways to spend a clear skied afternoon since sometimes we have cool and refreshing wind in the heat of dry season. For once, you can sit in the porch drinking lemonade and watching people go by. Or if you’re in a good mood, you can sit on the roof to write or read a book while the wind caressing you (when the sun is not too bright anymore of course!) Or you can do what other people like to do such as go swimming or playing with a kite. Since I’m not that good at playing with a kite and I don’t want to make my skin even tanner so I choose another way. More

The Recipe of Nigel’s Favorite Milk

Nigel has always loved milk since he was a babycat


I stumbled on a recipe when I was trying to rescue a new-born kitten that was abandoned in front of my house. The kitten was 3 days old and I couldn’t find the queen. Couldn’t stand listening to her cries, I took her to my house  after I googled and found some recipes of kitten glop. More