Let Me Find My Intellectual Comfort

It was a lazy Saturday morning. I wasn’t thinking, but open to any offer. And there it was, I saw it. Plain and simple. And then I feel a deep urge to take an action. True calling, you may call it. This could be the second round to answer the next big question I have had in my mind. The detective side of me said, you have to go there and solve the mystery. Today, I have completed the first act from the series of probably a two-years interesting quest.


Bombs from Brunei Never Tasted So Damn Good

I was trying to get by between bombs from AMSs. It always happens that way, usually when the day of mission is coming closer. They love the last minutes assaults after attacking us sporadically couple weeks or months before. Sometimes they even go AWOL until we have to give them a call asking them to bombard us in a more decent rate, leaving us headache in a more tolerable level.