A Tale of A Business Traveler

Call it a dream job, call it fancy, but traveling for living is not always something luxurious at all. Maybe we stay in some five stars hotels, dress in black and suit, but for me personally there’s no place like home. More

FUUI (Flying Under Udon’s Influence)

Tokyo Narita Airport, Terminal 1, South Wing, 3rd Floor, Chiba, Japan

One of challenges when you’re travelling for a business trip is that you should be seen smilingly fresh and ready to rock and roll by the time the plane touches the runway. That’s why most companies will put you on business class where you can get some special treatments like spacious legs room and more comfortable chairs. But that’s not what happen here in the organization I’m with. You still have to fly in economy class, cramped with many people where even for someone who’s petite like me, you can’t move your legs freely.

Can You Leave The Changi Airport When You’ve Got STPC?

T3 Changi International Airport Singapore 19 July 2009 at 3.20 am

The question above may sound like a silly question, but I needed to get the answer when I had to stop over in Changi on my way to Honolulu last week. The thing is I gotta get out of the airport cause I needed to meet a friend in SG. More