Hi, I’m A New Blogger

I’ve been having a honey moon lately with my blog where my creativity flows easily and more freely. I’ve never enjoyed any experience such as blogging before. I mean, if compare to other publications, blogging is very fluid where you can change your mind in a matter of a click of the mouse. And I thought writing some good contents would be just enough, but it turned out not really. More

How to Embed ClustrMaps to Your Blog

Okay, I’m new in blog world. I don’t know anything about html or some “sophisticated” words in web design, but I want to make my blog stand out from others. And I found little box called ClustrMaps is cool. Why? Because you can track where your readers come from and you can see what you wrote already spread out. Beside that, the custom-made widget(s) on your blog, along with the different fonts, add up some sense of personality. So, after I read some blogs, I decided to add ClustrMaps, but the only question is how? More

Cutline or PressRow?

A friend of mine suggested me to also post my notes on facebook on a blog site so that my random thoughts would appear when someone is happening to google it, then not only my friends can read it, but also More