How to Embed ClustrMaps to Your Blog

Okay, I’m new in blog world. I don’t know anything about html or some “sophisticated” words in web design, but I want to make my blog stand out from others. And I found little box called ClustrMaps is cool. Why? Because you can track where your readers come from and you can see what you wrote already spread out. Beside that, the custom-made widget(s) on your blog, along with the different fonts, add up some sense of personality. So, after I read some blogs, I decided to add ClustrMaps, but the only question is how? More

The Recipe of Nigel’s Favorite Milk

Nigel has always loved milk since he was a babycat


I stumbled on a recipe when I was trying to rescue a new-born kitten that was abandoned in front of my house. The kitten was 3 days old and I couldn’t find the queen. Couldn’t stand listening to her cries, I took her to my house  after I googled and found some recipes of kitten glop. More